Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shuffle 2

To fulfill half of my promise, the next shuffle tune is "Live Wire" by AC/DC. It came on while running east-bound on Van Buren. The increasing intensity of the base guitar gave me wings, which proves the "other ways" theory regarding a certain energy drink. My per mile pace dropped nearly five minutes during this song. I also found that "Live Wire" produces in me a certain rebelliousness toward certain colored lights.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

We Got What We Were Promised.

Saturday was a special night. Tim, Will and I took to Denver to see an aspiring alternative band out of Scotland perform. It was a real great time- everybody crowded into the small bar, offering very little room for us to move. But it's not like we really wanted to move, the music was that captivating. Funny, I can't really find any band with which to compare Jetpacks, maybe I can get away with saying Death Cab meets Phoenix. The songs bare some similarity to the melancholy mood of Gibbard's works, but have the fast-paced "uppityness" of Phoenix. That made for an extraordinary show, and we loved every minute of it.